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Hamilton Beach introduces the most comprehensive warranty in the industry - 5-Year Warranty will be offered across its entire line of products
June 14, 2010

With more than 100 years as the trusted brand in small appliances, Hamilton Beach Brands Canada, Inc. is proud to announce a first for the industry: its entire Hamilton Beach line of products will now be backed by a 5-Year Warranty – the longest and strongest in the business.


This new warranty plan further reinforces our company’s unconditional belief in the strength and endurance of all of our products, and demonstrates to our trusted retailers and consumers that Hamilton Beach is a company that firmly stands behind every single product we sell.



Why now? 


Based on our consumer research, consumers place a high level of significance on a products’ warranty in

their purchase decision; this will lead to significantly increased sales of Hamilton Beach products.


Recent studies conducted by the Hamilton Beach research team revealed that:


·        When asked the key purchase criteria for buying a small appliance, consumers said that durability (69%), reliability (69%), quality (62%), good value (64%) and trusted brand (53%) are the most important reasons for choosing one product over another.


·        When asked “How important is the warranty?” 78% of consumers polled said it is was extremely or somewhat important, revealing that a product’s warranty is a significant consideration when making a purchase decision.


·        In the current economy durability and reliability are more critical in the purchase decision-making process at shelf level.


5 years stands out and makes a statement that will affect purchase behaviours in the same manner that

consumers relate to the 5-year Warranty they get with some major purchases such as vehicles.



Environmental Implications

Consumers and retailers can now feel even better about purchasing Hamilton Beach products. The new 5-Year Warranty means there will be fewer returns of defective product that will be going to already overcrowded landfills.

How does the Hamilton Beach warranty stack up?


As a company that has long stood for value, quality, reliability and durability, Hamilton Beach knows that warranties serve to provide consumers with peace of mind regarding a product’s strength and endurance. Our research has indicated that other currently published warranties by our competitors – KitchenAid, Oster and Breville – don’t even come close.  The “longest warranty available” is allowed on all products, with the exception of one category due to the direct seller of the very expensive Vitamix blender.

With this new 5-Year Warranty plan, the entire Hamilton Beach product line will far surpass what’s currently being offered in the market, further emphasizing that our products are built to last.  It also covers the entire product; we don’t limit it to just portions of the unit.




How will it work at retail?

Hamilton Beach recognizes that consumers cannot always know the durability and reliability of a product before using it, and therefore, are heavily dependent on the packaging to communicate the facts. Unlike other competitive product warranties, which are often hidden in the “small print”, all Hamilton Beach display models and packaging will contain a 5-Year Warranty sticker, visibly affixed to the front of the products. Consumers will immediately understand the benefits of buying a Hamilton Beach product and will be provided with the reassurance they need to make a qualified purchase decision.


We look forward to introducing the strongest overall warranty in the business with our entire line of 2010 products. We encourage you to provide us with your feedback and comments and are confident that your valued shoppers will demonstrate an even greater loyalty towards the Hamilton Beach brand, a name they have come to trust for over a century.